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Automotive SEO Traffic 

Registration & Submission
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Automotive SEO

The Real Traffic goal is to get the most Traffic to your Car Dealer Website, Quality Qualified Traffic, by making your website easy to find for sales and services that you offer. That we already know they are lookng for... We just have to show up in the right place at the top Out Positioning the Competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves building new websites, or changing existing websites, so that they rank highly in a search engine's organic listings when users search on terms that are related to the site's content.

Keywords / Keyword Phrases

Search Engines are commonly used by approximately 80% of the Internet users in today's market. Your potential customers are using Search Engines and Directories to find your site! Most likely, with sophisticated phrases and simply your URL/website address.

Registration and Submission

Assures when potential or current clients use their favorite search engine, that they will be able to see your site when searching. WHY NOT BE FIRST? The first shot is the best shot! Wouldn't you agree?

Website Lead Generation

This is the best part - Interactive Lead generation by your own Website is yours and only yours.  No influence of the customer with other dealer price quotes, third party interferences, retaining your full potential.

Is your website ready?
Website presenting the correct information in a proper format?
Is the Web Site design crawlable, can the Search Engines read the Website and Web Pages / Sub Page / Landing Pages?
Is there enough Text or Readable Relevant Content to attract the Search Engines? (Content is teh Key)
Are the Keywords Targeted enough?
Are the Keywords ones that my target audience types in the Search Engines, as Search Query?
Does the website use any techniques for navigation that the search engines will not follow? (JavaScript, Flash)
Is the inventory framed in and not readable to the searche engines?  (Not Considered Original Content)
These are just a few of many...

Real Traffic Productions can Help you find the answers!.

Ultimately... Search Engine positioning depends on the search engines themselves and what algorithms they use to rank a web site based on key phrases and content that matches a search query. This is an ever-changing world of technology, with a little mystery thrown in to get the Real Traffic.

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